ABOUT ME -the Caminos I have walked ,the places ,scenes and experiences I have explored and the people I have met along the way.Walks are not just physical roads ,we walk or wend or stumble our way along paths that often lead to the unexpected:sometimes stunningly beautiful, sometimes ugly or unnecessary.We don’t know until we get there, and often it is the way there that is most meaningful .We sometimes don’t make the end .

I am fortunate to live here in Fremantle between the sea and the river ,the horizon stretching out from the beach. Lately when I’m standing on that white beach I can see in my minds eye the next continent -Africa,where I spent a lot of my early adolescence.There are people and stories from Africa,from England ,from other places ,and from here in Fremantle where I have lived for the last fifty years or so. Thats getting older -forming connections to make sense of where we are now.

My life now is about family, getting out walking ,swimming ,running ,and getting in a bit of adventure walking in Spain.Hence the “Camino Misterio “-because the paths I have walked have all been mysterious in their own way, a little bit of magic to take back into my own life

I live here with my large family in an a converted factory which accommodates us all in separate spaces .I have written since i was 12 ,journals ,short stories ,poems and have always told myself I want to be a writer. Well I don’t have that much more time to become ,so this is a means of getting words down, also my thoughts out of my head