Running is a sort of metaphor for life .Im sure that has been said before .To rephrase -the techniques of running  and the learning how to run using just enough energy ,caring enough while avoiding some of the pitfalls are mirrored in everyday living

Starting off after a longish break my body feels like a shapeless hulk being willed along the path ,each step hitting the ground with a resounding thump ,each knee bend hurting ,twinges in my back ,shoulders aching as I pull my heavy body forward with my arms .But i keep going ,keep putting one foot down and lifting the other up ,keep my head forward and my breath coming in and out .

If i go too fast i won’t last the distance ,if too slow then it takes so long that I question the reason to run  .Eventually my breathing becomes less rapid ,I can afford to think of things other than how tired I am and how hard it is and what a shit runner i am and how much i weigh ………I can start to think about how the sun is shining ,the view from the path across the bay ,the colour of the water ,how great it is that I’m here in this spot at this time and able to run .

i still have to check for potholes and unsuspected traps ,like bikes coming round the corner ,dear pets tripping me up , the sudden dip in the bend ,the gravel waiting for me to slip .As in The World According to Garp , always beware of the undertow .Forget the unfortunate possibilities  once and that can be an end of a running life .

Running ,really running rather than treading heavily on the ground ,is like a meditation without the  introspection .