Me Me Me ,and the sun is out

The last published post with the wonderful selfie complete with walking gear,seems a world away.It seemed many worlds away this morning ,my first day back and my first run along that same path I walked about a month ago.
I have decided to write from the prewalk to the post walk ,and then thread my writing back to walking the Madrid Camino.There are so many great bioggs about the many Spanish caminos ,so I am going to focus on particular events, places ,spaces ,experiences during my last walk along the Camino de Madrid with my daughter

To be honest these thoughts are thoughts about thoughts ,written a few weeks after that first home run post Spain and added to as the weeks go by .I want to capture the initial feelings of return ,or at least some of them .I also want to use intentness of those who go for long walks – really seeing  surroundings .
Here I am walk/running along the cliff.River on my left, houses on the left, all with views of the water .Sun shining.Blue sky.
Yet I feel a heaviness that is not just to do with the fact that I haven’t run for a while .I feel like I am moving through a painting that is almost perfect ,with the sky ,the river ,the occasional boats ,and the grand houses on my right Its the silence.The silence and the absence of people .Yes they walk by with dogs or on bikes or walking.Most nod or say Hello .But there is still a silence .Houses are boarded by fences or hedges, well tended lawns ,roses fronting the path .But there are no people there ,and there is no-one visible in the homes.All is clean and contained .

Written April and May 2018

PS ROCKY BAY is an important part of the coastline stretching along the Swan River .It is situated in North Fremantle ,Western Australia .The home of the Waugul serpent and a favourite swimming place for locals .Many a young person has jumped off the high limestone cliff on the top of the bay into the clear waters .From a place suiy( suicide) ,but that s another story