Well today first time have been able to get onto Wifi and it’s my fourth day walking this Camino

Been amixed experience . Highlights are the coastal views as walk towards SAN Sebastion and beyond .Cliffs and rolling hills green and summer flowers still clinging to the sides of steep banks

Far below a blue sea and craggy rocks  . As you approach SS the rocks give way to sandy beaches . And it’s sunny.Met some likeable fellow pilgrims/walkers in the Hostals and most of them have offered a clean bed and good food and shower .

low Points . The climbing up hills and ascents via narrow pathways and huge stones that shift underfoot . Not as fit as I thought . Carrying too much still

Have discarded stuff at various points but still too heavy . Knee developes soreness, hips threaten, knee give way at times . Why ? But walking Camino is about discarding/ accepting/slowing up ?

i like the wine and tapas more !

This is actually being published 29 September . Walking now