Should have worn my glasses ! But it is raining and I can’t see through them . Slippery bits along this canal Enter a caption

So here I am second day in Birmingham .Sitting I’m comfortable hotel lounge looking out to a grey sky . How come weather has turned as soon as I arrive ?

Going to walk along the canals today they run through this part of the city.     Miles of them the longest canals in Europe . Cutting a strong  swathe through the imposiing reconstructed and new buildings  which line each side . Canal boats moored to the walls and some travelling up and down the water

Yesterday I watched a mum wheel a toddler to one of the long boats and climb inside , other boats with younger people on deck lounging in the faint sunshine , others obviously occupied or waiting for owners to return from work or a walk . Hey once I thought of living on one of these and travelling up and down the waterways stopping at pubs , cycling along tow paths, sitting cosy inside in inclement weather . But today as I watched people steering narrow boats I did not have the slightest wish to be one of them . Standing at the wheel staring at the sides of the water as they slowly coast up towards the next lock. Hard work and parts must be as boring as sitting on a tour bus unable to get off

Today I think of how busy and noisy these waters once were with materials being moved up and down, people being transported to various towns and the steelworks either side with smoke billowing from chimneys . Some of the buildings are still in place, with a curious beauty of their own


Parts of this path are very pretty , wisteria growing out of the old solid walls and trees bending towards the water . I watched a bird for a while as it stared into the water below waiting to catch a fish I guess


Then I walked back as the sun came out . A watery sun but the rain has stopped . Back towards the city centre and the bold, unapologetic buildings throughout Birmingham City 3B608009-6167-4829-AD64-719C80396458