And what will I wear today? First Day of another life.And is this me?

Mon 9 March

Sitting at colon surgeons room , SJOG Hospital,Perth,Western Australia.Now corona virus about to implode .

10 people here all waiting And a woman just coughed. Another disease ,and don’t dare read the magazines sitting on a small table alongside the voucher

I had decided that this blog is to be about reentering the world , recreating identity, fun, joyful.

So Let’s dress up ,again.How do I want to look ? How do I want to be ?

I guess , what have I learned through this experience of cancer and chemo ? Because I need to retain those discoveries and new understandings .The most important of which is to focus on the greatest thing of all -life.To cease complaining and winging about the smaller things ,like who has done the washing up, lateness,an expression that annoys, a sore shoulder or twinge in that knee ,even written here they seem so innocuous.But within hours or even minutes I will be back into the spasmodic discontent and unhelpful stress .Perhaps a bit less than before and for a shorter duration .

So there I am in front of my array of clothes at home.The array of clothes I have just been sorting before I play dress-up with the new ones I have bought at the op shop on my way home from the hospital.The good news safely stored in my head .Been sorting again .Next will be cleaning and rearranging !but thats another blog.

So how do I want to look in this reinvented ,reimagined,tobelivedagain life?”

Well ,strong and fit. Lean and healthy.Like I know things.Like I am an interesting person( not just an old woman who is expendable in the current corona virus climate where only the old and immune compromised will die)Like I am kind, but not reliant on the kindness of strangers.Like I can relinquish ,or adjust long held views .Like I am fond of people ,have friends,but I am not reliant on any one person for my wellbeing .Like I am open to adventures ,still .

My values are as they were ,just hopefully I will focus more on them during this second chance at living :

Be adventurous ,Move beyond the kitchen, Be a good person .

And the processes ?

Writing and My life (energy.)To be continued -ie What do I do ?

So it looks like I have answered both questions in one -and a good thing too as this is a selfie blog, and how relevant is it to the reader ?( I hope there are one or two )

A while ago I copied :
“Wisdom begins in Wonder”(Socrates).I think life begins in wonder ,and curiosity is imbedded in wonder.Wonder is the key .