I have been thinking about the title “Starting again ,or New life “and there are a few questions about that very notion .There is no such ambiguity about babies At the moment of birth a baby just IS.It is only later that he or she may be endowed with the doubts and worries,expectations and beliefs of our own existence

Hello Baby 
I saw you this morning on the screen 
Right arm flailing about your head 
Tadpole body wriggling in space
I couldn’t see your face

Baby -Hello . 
Not mine;
Yet the force of your existence casts a skein over my life
Is already changing my direction 
Already changing my perception 
Altering my reality
Forcing me to question.

You’re coming into all our lives
But let’s not make you the arbitrator of meaning 
Lets celebrate your existence 
Not hang our lives on it and wear you down
With the weight of our longings.

I love you.
I’ll beat a drum for you
 I’ll weave a dance for you 
Sing a song for you 
Until you sing your own.