Clouds gathering

Airing my feet in a Spanish street

While my iPhone is charging 

Silent town of Dominigo de Garcia 

You could swing a cat ,they say 

But the cat in front of me is not walking away 

Late afternoon and the crafty inhabitant

Watching me 


Knows the albergue has food 

Has walked past and looked 

Walked past again 

Skuttled away 

Patrolling this end of town vigilantly 

For scraps 

Too hot 

I’m forced to sit 

To think 

To write 

While my iPhone is charging 

My iPhone ,an umbilical chord 

To a world outside 

Populated by people I know 

Filled with noise and jobs and love 

Beds well made 

Food on the table 

I know that world .

Here I am nothing 

In this vast and unknown landscape 

Where the wind blows in the morning 

And the sun still blazes past midday 

No-one knows me 

And indeed not sure if I know myself

Or how the day will end .

This stripey ,wiley cat knows if it waits long enough

It will have dinner