Running again

Do the two go together? Well, for me maybe .When I’m running ,I create scenarios, chew over past mishaps, see the grains of sand, the leaves overhead and underfoot ,the interplay of light and shadow. I take in what Elizabeth Jolley calls the splendid view.This view is more than I see directly in front of me.There is a breadth and depth of sight ;a farsighted perception,a vision of a path ahead and faint memories of what has already been. A vista stretches ahead ,reachable if I keep my eyes poised towards that distance; niggles and hassles and full-blown fears are powerless to pull me down .

The flowing movement of painless running and even,rhythmic breathing restores a belief in possibilities .The resurrection of certainty confirms that life is actually ok ,more than just ok .Its great ,and writing is again a possibility.

It has been hard to regain a trust in life after that let down of body ,a reminder of mortality.But ….then ,having recovered ,there’s wondering about direction: time is limited.