The first of May.Three weeks until we leave for Spain so have decided to practice writing a blog on phone directly.Actually in the past have kept a journal,well I have one for each time away, and I keep a daily journal at home.Lots of writing over lots of years;however I want to write faster and more often ,so that each piece is not like having a tooth extracted,words wrung out, second guessing and then the checking and the torturous process of putting photos up and pondering again

And blogging is fast writing,fast thinking.So here goes.My stuff for backpack lies piled in a corner of my upper story room.I have packed once this time round and walked with pack.But in contrast to other pre Camino times have not done long walks with pack and sticks.I have been preoccupied with just getting muscle strength back,2 years after finishing chemo.Followed by interruption to excercise with common injuries :knee,shoulder,removal of a melanoma .

No I’m not taking all that.To be sorted

Get on with it.We’re doing the Camino Teresiano to start with.The 6 day walk celebrating the life of St Teresa of Avila starts in her Birthplace and ends in Alba de Tormes,her burial place.Then the decision whether to get to Salamanca and join the Via de La Plata or back to Madrid and revisit the Camino Madrid .I walked as far as Oldmeadow in 2018 with my daughter and had to rush back as my grandchild was born unexpectedly very early.

I am fit with walks, gym and swimming here in this beautiful Fremantle.At the moment the weather is perfect, rather like it’s been on perfect walking days in late April/ May walking in Spain .

So the strongest element working against the desire to move into new challenges,embrace a different life for awhile without all the encumbrances of the familiar patterns and routines, and all the stuff that goes with that,is a reluctance to leave.Age and illness tighten the frames around what is a wonderful, comfortable life .

Maybe as one is faced with leaving ,the familiar of family,home, routines assumes an extra attractiveness .Why am I plunging myself into a place/es where I have no anchor or identity ,where I walk long distances each day following a sometimes elusive arrow ;Will sometimes not be certain of a bed ,will probably gain another blister , at least ,get wet and cold and sometimes lose my way ?

Perfect weather to sit in the backyard
Late afternoon Leighton Beach Fremantle
Me and the rubbish “ chuck out “.( soon to accumulate again !)