I am looking forward to getting on that plane for Madrid tomorrow evening . One would think that after a few times packing for a long walk one would…… Like many caminophiles(?) I read the Camino forum and follow the travels of my Camino buddies along the various Spanish paths . I am always amazed at the talk of what to take , the detail of makes and weights .And the sometimes heated exchanges. Now I’m one of them again : pondering each packet of Panadol or nurefyn , wondering whether to take the antibiotics in case my tooth flares up, squeezing moisturiser and sun cream and walkers foot cream into smaller containers . Shall I take the thermal ? Shall I take the jeans that can be thrown away , as an extra as already have 2 walking pants . Am I crazy ?

All this is after the route planning , the essential accomodation booking .And the long hours spent deciding if that is the way we want to walk and what the weather might be like in June .

This evening as I walked along our beach to witness a spectacular sunset , the sun glowing orange and the first stars visible above a sea glistenimg and rumbling, I confess I did think about staying here, unmaking all those arrangements, settling back in.. And Albanese is the new Prime Minister……

All just so much chaff really . I’m off tomorrow “ready or not here I come “