So who is he ?

So who is St Elias ? And what is/ was this ‘ Melkite Catholic Eparchy’ which has Divine Liturgies on Sundays in the Byzantine tradition ?

Just one of some curiosities seen a while ago in the Melbourne suburb with the beautiful name of Sunshine.

Amongst the greyness of the streets and buildings, the bits of paper and scrawled messages , another cold dull day , there are small jewels shimmering. Like brightly coloured cafes, signs, graffiti walls. Curiosities because they draw the eye when walking through these streets .

In fact one of the wonderful things about walking is that the unseen or overlooked becomes visible.There is time to look and take in .

Random photos as I wandered around with the pusher and Charlie asleep . We ended our stroll at the Salamati Cafe opposite the railway station. In a street full of a mix of Chinese, African and Vietnamese shops. Look what I found, beautiful curiosities on the walls.

Salamati Cafe

Ending where I began really, asking questions such as Who has written this ? Belief systems ? The link between dance and how we live ? There doesn’t have to be an answer, though we want one .

Curiosities keep us engaged in life, and wondering .